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Polaris Quattro Sport

Debris doesn't stand a chance.

Debris doesn’t stand a chance.

Designed to suck up all types of debris, the Polaris® Quattro Sport has a perfect grip on the pool walls and an active brushing. Thanks to its extra-large debris intake and superior vacuum power, it easily sucks up all types of debris, even the largest. With the double filtration, this pressure cleaner collects both large and fine debris into its large capacity debris filter canister which can easily be removed and cleaned without touching the debris.


  • Active brushing removes debris, even stuck-on debris.
  • 4-wheel drive gives it great agility to clean the floor but also the walls.
  • Multi-directional navigation delivers quick and efficient coverage of the entire pool.
  • Extra-large debris intake with superior vacuum power thanks to triple-Venturi jets.
  • Large easy to clean debris filter canister.
  • Double filtration collects both large and fine debris.
  • Requires Booster pump.
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