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Cleaners using the pressure method use the pools filtration system as a source of power. Instead of being connected to the suction vacuum point, the pressure cleaners are connected to a dedicated return line, or by converting the suction vacuum point into a pressure vacuum point (outlet). In this way, the skimmers stay active and retain all of their surface filtration capacity. This ensures that the skimmers remain operational.

The hydraulic pressure cleaners are powered by high water pressure supplied by an electric booster pump located near the filtration unit. The booster pump recovers the water from the filter and sends pressurised water to the pressure vacuum point to power the cleaner. Booster pumps are usually installed by a professional swimming pool contractor.

The cleaner moves randomly around the pool and sucks in debris using a principle known as the venturi effect, which is created inside the cleaner and converts the incoming water into a powerful suction current. This method ensures maximum efficiency in minimum time.

Pressure cleaners feature a filter bag which collects the debris sucked up and prevents the pump pre-filter from getting clogged.

These cleaners are easy to use and offer an excellent performance-price ratio.

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