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Polaris W 630

Performance and intelligence.

With its smart navigation,
Polaris® W 630 adapts to YOUR pool for personalized cleaning. The long-lasting cyclone power ensures optimal cleaning. In addition, its water removal assistance and its intuitive interface and functionalities via the iAquaLink application provide real ease of use from everywhere.

  • Smart navigation adapted to YOUR pool
  • Long lasting Cyclone power
  • Water removal assistance and easy acess to the filter
  • Intuitive control WiFi with iAqualink
  • Embedded sensors: pressure sensor, gyroscope and accelorometer
  • Warranty 3+1 years*

*+ 1 additional year if the robot is paired with the iAqualink™ application. See conditions in the Warranty Guide.


  • For in-ground and above-ground pools with rigid walls, all shapes
  • Pool: Size up to 12 x 6 m
  • For all pool surfaces, all bottom shapes
  • Cleaning programmes: 2 cleaning modes: Quick in floor only, Smart in floor/ walls/waterline
  • Control box: Mode choice, filter indicator, out of the water system, WiFi chip (included)
  • In app features: Start/Stop cycle, Monitor cleaning progress
  • Filtration method included : 1 filter 60µ (100 or 200µ optional accessories)
  • Extra-large capacity 5L
  • Connection: 18m floating cable with Swivel
  • 4 Wheels Drive System
  • Safety: Beach system, out of the water safety
  • Trolley and control box included
  • Brochure Polaris W Line W 630 (English)

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  • Polaris W6 Line Manual

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