Electric or pressure robotic cleaners

How do you choose?

Posted on Thursday, 2 February 2023

There are two deciding factors: 


1) The size and shape of your pool: the cleaning performance of pool cleaning robots can vary depending on the size and shape of your swimming pool. Some robot cleaners are better suited than others to certain pools (cleaning steps, gently sloping bottoms, diamond point pools, etc.). So, these elements are deciding factors and will help you to narrow down the many options.

2) Your cleaning requirements: speed, accuracy, battery life, remote control mode, cleaning the floor and walls or just the bottom, storing debris in the device or using your pool's filtration system, etc. There are multiple functions and accessories available to best meet your requirements.


These are the robotic cleaners that are best suited for the most demanding pool owners, as they plug into the mains and aren’t connected to the pool filtration circuit, making them very independent. These devices are designed to make pool maintenance easier for pools of all shapes and with any coating. 


They are convenient: most of them have programmable features, such as the length of a cleaning cycle or selection of the surface to be cleaned (walls, water line or bottom only), and they can be connected to a mobile or web application for remote control. A transport cart and double filtration may be available as standard or as an option, depending on the model.


This type of robotic cleaner is connected to your pool’s discharge. It is, therefore, powered by the pump and must be fitted when your swimming pool is built. It operates using the hydraulic pressure generated by the pump, giving it considerable coverage and cleaning quality. It is functional and suitable for all types of swimming pools.



For optimum operation and cleaning performance, it is essential to combine it with a booster pump. A pressure robotic cleaner will clean the walls and floor of the pool in a random pattern, but will do so quickly. This solution offers good value for money and is easy to repair (since it is fully mechanical). You need to start thinking about it as soon as your start building your pool.