Polaris Quattro

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Posted on Thursday, 2 February 2023

With the Quattro Sport, Polaris unveils  4-wheel design that enables users to get a deeper clean with cutting-edge features that, until now, were not found in a pressure-side cleaner. These features include:

Active Brushing

Equipped with rotating brushes that actively scrub and scour floors, walls and the waterline —Quattro Sport penetrates deep to remove fine, stuck-on debris.


Wall Climbing

Quattro Sport boasts 4WD agility, enabling unmatched climbing to ensure superior cleaning from floor to waterline.


Dual-Stage Filtration

From leaves and acorns to sand and silt, the dual-stage filtration system collects both large debris and fine particulates.


Large Easy-Clean Debris Canister

Quattro Sport replaces the customary filter bag with a large capacity easy-clean debris canister and transparent window — allowing users to see when the canister is full, so they can simply remove, shake, and spray the canister clean.


Multi-Directional Navigation

Engineered to turn on a dime, its innovative navigation technology ensures quick, efficient and complete cleaning coverage for the entire pool.


Polaris pressure-side cleaners are known for their vacuum power and ability to pick up large debris like acorns and leaves — the Quattro Sport is no exception. Powered by a booster pump and similar triple venturi jet design found in other popular Polaris cleaners, Quattro Sport features the largest debris intake of any Polaris pressure-side cleaner — providing superior vacuum power that devours debris with ease.