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W 675

  • Smart navigation adapted to the pool
  • Long lasting cyclone power
  • Water removal assistance
  • Wi-fi connected
  • Embedded sensors : gyroscope and accelerometer

The Polaris W 675 features a Smart cycle. This programme enables it to measure and analyse the size and shape of the pool in order to adjust the cleaning time accordingly. The Smart cycle has been designed to optimise the cleaning of all the surfaces of your pool, the bottom, walls and water line. Equipped with a temperature sensor, take advantage of its cleaning cycle to control the temperature of your pool on the iAqualink™ application..The Polaris W 675 can be used on all types of pool coating and all floor configurations for pools of up to 15 m x 7 m in size.

Robotic Cleaners W 675

The Polaris W 675 is equipped with a 5-litre ultra-fine filter to ensure filtering of even the finest particles. Throughout the cycle, the debris are held in suspension in the filter, this limits its clogging and maintains the robotic cleaner’s suction power during the cleaning cycle.

Robotic Cleaners W 675

The Polaris W 675 has been designed to allow fast water drainage in order to make the cleaner lighter and easier to remove from the pool at the end of the cycle. With filter access from the top, cleaning your robotic cleaner’s filter is easy.

Robotic Cleaners W 675

The Polaris W 675 is easily controllable thanks to its built-in connectivity. The iAqualink application, with its intuitive interface, will help you to select the cleaning cycle you need, programme its cycles for the next 7 days and access the water’s temperature.

Robotic Cleaners W 675
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